Black Tie

Black Tie

As one of the most formal and traditional dress codes, Black Tie comes with a strict set of rules when it comes to your outfit. At MyTuxedo we like to make dress codes easy for our customers so right here you will find everything you need to get black tie ready from head to toe.

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  • Dobell Navy Blue Velvet Jacket
  • Dobell Racing Green Velvet Tuxedo Jacket with Contrast Peak Lapel
  • Dobell Black Double Breasted Tuxedo Vest
  • Dobell Dark Green Slim Fit Velvet Jacket
  • Dobell Black Dupion Handkerchief
  • Dobell Burgundy Dupion Handkerchief
  • Dobell Racing Green Dupion Handkerchief
  • Black Bow Tie (Pre-Tied & Self-Tie)
  • Dobell Navy Blue Slim Fit Velvet Jacket
  • Parisian Patent Dress Shoes
  • Dobell Black Patent Double Monk Dress Shoes
  • Dobell Black Classic Patent Dress Shoes
  • Dobell Blue Victorian Jacquard Vest
  • Dobell Black Da Vinci Vest
  • Dobell Red Victorian Jacquard Vest
  • Standard Collar, Plain Front Tuxedo Shirt by Dobell
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  • Dobell Burgundy Dress Scarf
  • Dobell Black Dress Scarf
  • Dobell White Dress Scarf
  • Dobell Navy Paisley Velvet Tuxedo Jacket
  • Black Silk Bow Tie (Pre-Tied & Self-Tie)
  • Black Cummerbund & Pre-Tied Bow Tie Set
  • Black Skinny Bow Tie
  • Dobell Black Slim Fit Velvet Jacket
  • Dobell Burgundy Slim Fit Velvet Jacket
  • Dobell Black Double Breasted Skinny Fit Tuxedo Vest
  • Self-Tie Black Bow Tie
  • Dobell Navy Blue Double Breasted Tuxedo Vest
  • Black Cummerbund
  • Dobell Black Patent Contemporary Dress Shoes
  • Dobell Black Contemporary Oxford Dress Shoes
  • Dobell Navy Blue Flower Lapel Pin
  • Dobell Teal Blue Flower Lapel Pin
  • Dobell Cream Flower Lapel Pin
  • Dobell Ivory Dupion Handkerchief
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  • Dobell White Dupion Handkerchief
  • Black Skinny Fit Tuxedo Trousers by Dobell
  • Wing Collar, Pleated Front Tuxedo Shirt by Dobell
  • Black Tuxedo Trousers, Satin Side Stripe - 100% Pure Wool
  • Dobell Pink Flower Lapel Pin
  • Dobell Red Flower Lapel Pin
  • Black Silk Cummerbund
  • Dobell Black Double Breasted Slim Fit Tuxedo Vest
  • Standard Collar, Pleated Front Tuxedo Shirt by Dobell
  • PROMO - Tuxedo Package
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