White Tie

White Tie

Very rarely will you be asked to attend an event in full white tie - but when you do, you will need to be correctly kitted out. White tie dress code requires male guests to wear a black single-breasted tailcoat, Marcella cotton dress shirt, white waistcoat and a white bow tie. You can find everything you need for a white tie event on this page. All items have been approved and verified for a white tie dress code for your convenience.

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  • Dobell White Tie 2 Piece Suit


  • Dobell 100% Wool White Tie 2 Piece Suit
  • 2 Piece White Tie, Dress Shirt, Waistcoat & Bow Tie


  • Dobell White Tie Jacket
  • Dobell 100% Wool White Tie Jacket
  • 2 Piece Wool White Tie, Dress Shirt, Waistcoat & Bow Tie


  • 2 Piece White Tie, Dress Shirt, Waistcoat, Bow Tie & Shoes


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White Tie Formalwear

White tie, also known as full dress, evening dress, or more colloquially top hat and tails, is the most formal evening dress code, and is only used on extremely ceremonious occasions. The rules for white tie are rigid, mainly consisting of a starched wing-collared shirt, a white vest, white bow tie, and a black tailcoat. It's really worth making the effort to conform to these rules if you're lucky enough to be invited to a white tie event, because you'll never look more suave, elegant and refined.

The white tie dress code originated in the English Regency Era of the 1800s and has hardly changed at all since then. Although it's only used now for really sumptuous events such as state dinners, meeting with royalty, and very formal balls and weddings, it seems to have been regaining popularity in recent times. You don't have anything like the leeway you would at a black tie event, but fortunately we've got you covered to make sure you tick all the boxes correctly in your quest for the ultimate in sartorial elegance.

  • The suit must be black or midnight blue, with silk or satin facings on the tailcoat, and one or two strips of braid down the side seams of the matching trousers.
  • The dress shirt must be plain cotton, starched, with a winged collar.
  • The waistcoat or vest must be white and low-cut.
  • You must have a white bow tie, and this does a great job at finishing off your look.
  • Of course you also really ought to have a top hat, and since this is a one-of-a-kind event, why not also throw in white gloves and braces, a dress scarf, eye-catching cufflinks and black patent shoes. We can even supply you with a dress cane.

In the right full evening dress attire, you'll cut a dash in a style you'll want to become accustomed to, and enjoy every minute of your evening. Make sure to have your photograph taken!