Pinstripe Suits

Pinstripe Suits

A well-known, yet unexplored, suit option for many, the pinstripe suit evokes thoughts of authoritative elegance and sophisticated style. The pinstripe suit has a long history to live up to, but the modern takes on the classic is far easier to wear and more versatile, in comparison to its traditional predecessor. However, it is still an excellent choice of suit for formal occasions. 

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Pinstripe Suits for Men

Are pinstripe suits still in style? The short answer is yes. The long answer is that the pinstripe suit has been updated and made available in various cuts, patterns and styles, making it more fitting for current trends. The classic pinstripe suit as you know it, with perhaps some minor stylistic changes, is still a great addition to a formal wardrobe and provides an excellent air of sophistication for special events. The pinstripe suit has been named a “power suit” by GQ and power-dressers like David Beckham, Tom Hiddleston and Ryan Gosling are frequently seen wearing different variations of the classic. Street-style stars have also done their part to bring the pinstripe suit into the twenty-first century, showing us that it can be worn in unconventional ways. Some maintain the formal styling of the classic, but changes it up with bright colours and elaborate patterns, balancing out the “strict” look of the pinstripe suit. Others wear it in a much more casual way, combining relaxed fitting trousers with an open jacket, layered over t-shirts and trainers. If you want to try this for yourself, but don’t want to go too casual, swap the t-shirt for a turtleneck and wear a dressier shoe. The pinstripe suit’s versatility makes it more than just a “banker’s suit”. However, it also happens to be a great choice for a stand-out and formal business suit. For a dressed-up look, wear the pinstripe suit with a crisp white shirt, gorgeous silk tie, matching cufflinks and contrasting handkerchief. Classic formal shoes or shoes with decorative perforations are excellent footwear options for this sort of look. Adding a matching vest to your pinstripe suit is a great way of creating a sophisticated look for a wedding — stick to simple but formal styling and you’ll most definitely stand out. The pinstripe suit is in no way stuck in the past, nor is there any reason to doubt whether it’s a good option for modern dressing. In comparison to its more minimal looking counterparts, the pinstripe suit is an adventurous alternative to formal dressing and a cool choice for smart-casual.