Burgundy Suits

Burgundy Suits

A burgundy suit is an exciting alternative to a grey, blue or black option. The burgundy suit will make you stand out, with a sophisticated and modern look. An excellent choice of evening suit, the burgundy suit is contemporary and elegant, and serves as a great basis for a range of outfits — and is a great way of adding some colour to your wardrobe.

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  • Dobell Burgundy Tartan Slim Fit Suit
  • Dobell Burgundy Tartan Tailored Fit Suit
  • Dobell Burgundy with Large Blue Windowpane Check Slim Fit Suit
  • Cavani Wine Windowpane Check Tweed Slim Fit 3 Piece Suit
  • Dobell Wine Windowpane Tweed Suit
  • Dobell Burgundy Gingham Check Slim Fit Suit
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Men's Burgundy and Maroon Suits

As more and more of us are looking for a way to stand out from the sea of black suits, the burgundy suit has gained much popularity as an exciting formalwear alternative. Appropriate to wear for most occasions where one is expected to wear black or dark coloured suits, a burgundy suit has a more modern expression than the grey and blue alternatives. Worn with classic suit accompaniments, such as a white shirt, bow-tie, handkerchief and shiny dress shoes, the burgundy suit goes above and beyond in proving that it is classic and effortless looking. A bolder, but still suitably formal look, can be achieved by wearing all black with your burgundy suit — black shirt, black tie, black belt and black shoes. With styling options like these available, there’s no reason why you couldn’t wear a burgundy suit for something as formal as a wedding. You can also add a matching vest to a selection of our burgundy suits, giving your formal look even more individuality. Perfectly versatile, the burgundy suit can also be dressed down, and there are lightweight alternatives available that are great for a modern and carefree expression. Patterned or button-down shirts, and fine knitwear are excellent layers for a smart-casual take on the burgundy suit. Black leather shoes is a great dressed-up footwear choice, but you can also experiment with styles if you re after a more individual look. Chelsea boots and brogues are excellent alternatives for a smart style, unless you want to go more casual with a pair of trainers. The colour burgundy is made by mixing purple and red, and is named after the wine Burgundy created in the French region by the same name. The colour is similar to maroon and oxblood, with a slightly more purple hue. The colour of the burgundy suit makes it stand out as a lively alternative to other suit options — and a very flattering one at that.