Layer up in style with this seasons latest blazer collection. Beautifully crafted for a sleek fit and cut with premium fabrics, add the ultimate finishing touch to work and weekend outfits.

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Blazers for Every Occasion

Wearing a blazer is the perfect way to show off your unique sense of style. Although this classy item was originally intended for formal wear, these days blazers are also worn on more casual occasions when men really want to stand out from the crowd. This is the perfect item to wear to sporting events as well as weddings, office parties and simply for a night out on the town. All of the blazers in our outstanding collection are extremely high quality and are guaranteed to turn heads.

A blazer is a special type of jacket that looks like a suit coat with a more casual cut and typically features a row of metal buttons running down the front. The cloth that the blazer is made from is usually very durable and is intended to be worn as an outdoor jacket. Blazers are often uniform garments that are worn by professionals such as pilots and officers or school children.

The term blazer was first used in 1825 to describe the members of the Lady Margaret Boat Club, who were known as the red blazers. This elite Cambridge rowing club wore durable jackets made from bright red cloth, and this term soon became use for any jackets of the same style, regardless of the colour of the jacket. The early blazers resembled today’s sports jackets and the term is also related to the crew of the HMS Blazer, who wore blue and white striped jackets.

This short, double breasted jacket was commonly worn by sailors in bad weather to keep them warm. It traditionally had black horn buttons and was very warm. Striped blazers became popular in the early 1960s among British Mods and the common style features thick and thin stripe combinations in three colours with three buttons and a single breasted front.

A number of British icons have worn blazers over the years such as Keith Moon, The Rolling Stones, The Who and more recently Jeremy Clarkson, who popularised the look of wearing a blazer with a pair of jeans. These days blazers are commonly made in dark blue or black, although a wide range of colours are available. This versatile garment can be worn with dress trousers or jeans to create a more casual look. While many mean like to wear blazers with dress shoes, they can also be worn with boat shoes or trainers.