Business Shirts

Business Shirts

Grab yourself a crisp new shirt to spruce up your business-wear - from classic white to pastels and bold patterns, we have a variety of styles to choose from. Opt for slim fit if you need a closer fit across the chest and shoulders, and classic if you prefer a little extra room.

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Mens Business Shirts

In business, first impressions count – you have to be well dressed, look good, and come across professionally. Even so, your business shirt is a hardworking garment and you'll be wearing it all day, every day, whether you're travelling, closing the deal, having lunch, or burning the midnight oil. Quality, durability and comfort are therefore just as important as the shirt's looks.

The classic white men's shirt dates back to Victorian times and used to be a symbol of class and wealth, as only very wealthy personages could afford the frequent laundering the shirts required and the concomitant quantity of shirts required. This is in fact where the terms white-collar and blue-collar came from, because if you wore a blue shirt you did more work with your hands than with your mind, and thus were more likely to soil your shirt. Nowadays, blue shirts have lost that particular stigma and are just as much an essential in a business wardrobe as whites.

Solid colour shirts are considered the most formal of the men's business shirt, and we have a beautifully crafted range of these in a variety of styles and brands. Choose classic white, or go for shades of blue from sky to navy. We also stock solid-colour shirts in elegant lilac, black and shades of grey, and highly fashionable pink.

As a general rule, the more design features a shirt has, the less dressy it is. Stripes are less formal than solid colours, and the slightly more casual look is ideal in most modern business environments and workplaces.

Checked shirts are more casual still, and are an excellent choice when you're looking to create a relaxed mood and appearance.

Why not spend some time browsing the range – we stock shirts in such a wide variety of styles, fabrics, and colours that you're sure to find at least half a dozen absolute must-haves!