Tartan Bow Ties

Tartan Bow Ties

Tartan & plaid feature intersecting horizontal and vertical lines in multiple colours. This pattern was first worn thousands of years ago by Celtic soldiers. Today, it's a popular look that looks great in a formal ensemble. Browse this page for a variety of tartan & plaid bow ties.

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  • Dobell Red Tartan Bow Tie
  • Dobell 'Red Ramsay' Tartan Silk Bow Tie
  • AU
  • Dobell 'Dress Stewart' Tartan Silk Bow Tie
  • Dobell Green Tartan Bow Tie
  • Dobell 'Dress Gordon' Tartan Silk Bow Tie
  • Green & Black Tartan Bow Tie
  • Light Blue Tartan Bow Tie
  • UK,AU
  • Dobell Red Tartan Jacquard Bow Tie
  • UK, AU
  • Green & Red Tartan Bow Tie
  • UK,AU
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