Bow Ties

Bow Ties

Our bow ties come in a huge variety of colours and styles - from soft wool designs and knitted bow ties for a smart-casual look, to pure silk and cotton velvet for formal occasions. Choose your ideal look below and team it with one of our vests for a sharp, coordinated look.

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  • 'Happy Santa Claus' Christmas Pre-Tied Bow Tie
  • Avail LondonAvail London Burgundy Skinny Bow Tie
  • Avail LondonAvail London Charcoal Check Wing Tip Skinny Bow Tie
  • Black Bow Tie (Pre-Tied & Self-Tie)
  • Black Cummerbund & Pre-Tied Bow Tie Set
  • Black Silk Bow Tie (Pre-Tied & Self-Tie)
  • Black Skinny Bow Tie
  • Black Wing Tip Skinny Bow Tie
  • Blue & White Dogtooth Check Bow Tie
  • Blue Paisley Silk Bow Tie (Pre-Tied & Self-Tie)
  • Brown Herringbone Tweed Bow Tie
  • Burgundy Bow Tie (Pre-Tied & Self-Tie)
  • Burgundy Dupion Bow Tie
  • Burgundy Silk Bow Tie (Pre-Tied & Self-Tie)
  • Burgundy Silk Cummerbund & Pre-Tied Bow Tie Set
  • d/Spoke Candy Pink Bow Tie
  • d/Spoke Lemon Yellow Bow Tie
  • Dark Burgundy Herringbone Patterned Bow Tie
  • Dark Olive Herringbone Patterned Bow Tie
  • Dobell 'Dress Gordon' Tartan Silk Bow Tie
  • Dobell 'Dress Stewart' Tartan Silk Bow Tie
  • Dobell 'Red Ramsay' Tartan Silk Bow Tie
  • Dobell Black & White Feather Bow Tie & Lapel Pin Set
  • Dobell Black & White Prince of Wales Check Bow Tie
  • Dobell Black Bow Tie with White Floral Jacquard
  • Dobell Black Dupion Bow Tie
  • Dobell Blue Fish Print Bow Tie
  • Dobell Blue Floral Jacquard Bow Tie
  • Dobell Blue Graphic Floral Print Bow Tie
  • Dobell Blue Multi Spot Bow Tie
  • Dobell Blue Prince Of Wales Check Linen Bow Tie
  • Dobell Blue Tartan Bow Tie
  • Dobell Blue Windowpane Check Tweed Bow Tie
  • Dobell Blue with Black Anchor Print Bow Tie
  • Dobell Brown Feather Bow Tie & Lapel Pin Set
  • Dobell Brown Windowpane Check Tweed Bow Tie
  • Dobell Burgundy & Navy Bow Tie
  • Dobell Burgundy Donegal Tweed Bow Tie
  • Dobell Burgundy Flecked Donegal Tweed Bow Tie
  • Dobell Burgundy Textured Stripe Bow Tie
  • Dobell Burgundy with Large Spots Bow Tie
  • Dobell Camo Print Bow Tie
  • Dobell Champagne Paisley Bow Tie
  • Dobell Crimson Red Dupion Bow Tie
  • Dobell Forest Green Windowpane Check Bow Tie
  • Dobell Fuchsia Graphic Floral Print Bow Tie
  • Dobell Fuschia Paisley Bow Tie
  • Dobell Golf Print Bow Tie
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Choosing the Perfect Bow tie

From pre-tied to plaid, silk to striped, and from clip-on to cotton, bow ties come in a huge range of styles, materials and colours. Finding the right one to suit your style can sometimes feel overwhelming, but here you can choose from hundreds of bow ties, all made from quality materials. The bow ties range from formal to modern to eye-catching, ideal for if you're wanting to inject a little of your own personality into your outfit. Whatever the occasion, you are sure to find a fashionable bow tie to suit your needs here.

The bow tie began life as the cravat over 400 years ago, but didn't really gain popularity with the masses until the 18th and 19th centuries. Soon after, the modern bow tie emerged and since then has become well and truly ingrained into our culture. Bow ties are synonymous with refinement, intellect and indeed a certain self-confidence.

With that in mind, choice in bow tie is a very personal affair. Many men take great care in the appearance they portray to the world, and so with this in mind, it follows that bow tie choice should deserve no less consideration. Fortunately in modern times, there are now more choices of bow tie than ever, with many more ways to express individuality than in years gone by- an array of colours, materials and styles are available here to choose from.

Bow ties especially lend themselves to occasions where formal dress is required- for example, weddings, galas and other special occasions. They provide a chance to show off your good taste in coordinating your outfit, or to show a little personality in a subtle, appropriate way. Whether it be the classic pairing of black bow tie and white shirt, or a quirky flag pattern to give a nod to your roots, the right bow tie is guaranteed to attract all the right attention.

The bow tie is even versatile enough that it can be incorporated into everyday use. Brad Pitt, Jeremy Davis and Matthew Morrison have all incorporated bow ties into their everyday wardrobes. So whether choosing bright, bold patterns, dressed down with a jumper, or a sleek silk classic affair, the bow tie is sure to give any gentleman an extra dapper look.