Skinny Fit Suits

Skinny Fit Suits

The most modern and trendy suit option, the skinny fit suit has established itself as a favourite choice amongst formal wear enthusiast, everyday suit-wearers and fashion followers alike. The elegant, yet perfectly modern cut has won over the suit wearing masses with a flattering style and cut — it’s an excellent alternative with a versatile look, especially if you value style over anything else.

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Skinny Fit Suits at the Best Price

A skinny fit suit is an excellent choice for formal occasions, and it’s a perfect suit alternative for anyone with a modern style. The fact that the skinny fit suits have fantastically flattering silhouettes and are great bases for trendy, dressed-up outfits is a big bonus. We at MyTuxedo offer skinny fit suits in various styles, colours and fabrics. Consider what type of suit you’re after and we are sure you’ll be able to find something you like from our selection. 
Blue, navy or grey skinny fit suits are great choices for day-dressing, as well as for professional settings and weddings. Skinny fit suits are versatile styles that can be dressed up or down to fit near any occasion. A skinny fit black suit is the best “go-to"" option for smarter events, weddings and funerals alike. A skinny fit black suit can also be a great choice for a business suit. Available is a wide range of checks and patterns, our skinny fit suits are available in a multitude of colours and materials. Perhaps seen as a bold choice by some, a checked skinny fit suit lets you flex your sartorial muscles — a skinny fit checked suit also has a remarkably relaxed air to it, which makes it very wearable. Whatever option you go for, the skinny fit suit will look its best if teamed with a slim fitting shirt, a slim tie and smart shoes. Taking the style of your suit into consideration you can vary your footwear choice, with brogues, derbies and oxfords being excellent options. The contemporary style of the skinny fit suit lends itself perfectly to smart-casual suit pairings as well, for instance t-shirts and trainers. If you’re planning on wearing a skinny fit suit, make sure you get one that fits you perfectly. Find a skinny fit suit that fits well on your arms, shoulders, legs and waist, and you’ll be halfway there. Use our size guide to help you find the right size for you. All you have to do is check your own measurements against those in the guide.