Slim Fit & Skinny Fit Navy Suits

Slim Fit & Skinny Fit Navy Suits 

A slim or skinny fit navy blue suit is the perfect choice for anyone looking to add a trendy and versatile suit to their formal wardrobe. Slim and skinny fit navy blue suits are quickly becoming a favourite suit alternative and have all the sophistication you could ask for. With an upgraded cut the suits are natural choices for professional, formal and everyday situations.

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  • Dobell Navy Slim Fit 2 Piece Suit
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  • Avail London Navy Donegal Tweed Skinny Fit Suit
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Navy Blue Suits: Slim Fit and Skinny Fit

Suits are no longer reserved purely for the office or for formal events; a modern slim or skinny fit navy suit can just as easily be worn for any smart-casual occasion. Teamed with knits, sneakers, and t-shirts, or shirts, ties and brogues, a slim or skinny fit navy blue suit will look great regardless. This is the way of the modern slim or skinny fit navy suit and, thanks to its adaptability, it has become a contemporary formalwear staple. The slim or skinny fit navy blue suits are perfect for near all situations, from work and dinners to weddings and parties. If you’re looking for a slim or skinny fit navy suit for a special event, search our selection and you’ll find a range of options in various styles and fabrics. The slim and skinny fits have given the navy blue suit a new lease of life — the contemporary cuts are especially flattering and create a silhouette that is cleaner and more flattering than that of regular fit suits. The slim and skinny fit navy blue suits are fitted closer to the body, so it is important to take your time and be thorough when you’re searching for the right size. The jacket sleeves should fall just above the wrist-bone and it should feel well fitted, but still button up easily — leave the bottom button undone, though. Another thing to bear in mind is how the jacket fits on the shoulders. The jacket should line up with your shoulders and fit fairly tightly, without any pulling or creasing, allowing the sleeves to fall smoothly. The trousers should be fitted on the legs, but still be comfortable on the waist. Consider as well the length of the trousers, they should sit lightly on the top of the shoe, creating just a small break. Look at our size guide for guidance when finding the perfect fitting suit, and make it easy for yourself by using a measuring tape and write down your key measurements. Now that you have found the perfect fitting slim or skinny fit navy suit, you can go ahead and get creative! Find inspiration in the above or make it up as you go along and create your own staple looks.