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Weddings can be a stressful time with everything to prepare - the venue, the reception and the wedding party and guests.
At MyTuxedo we feel that we can lend a helping hand when it comes to your attire. To make your life just that little bit easier we have put together this brief wedding dress guide, illustrating the Do's and Don'ts for the big day.
Whether it's your own wedding or a wedding you have been invited to, we have the right look for all occasions.

So... You have been invited to a wedding; first things first, check the invitation. This will more than likely direct you in what kind of wedding you will be attending. Pay close attention to the location and time of day. The invitation will often state the dress code the Bride and Groom have set, however don't panic if nothing is mentioned, our guide will help you out.

When it comes to a formal wedding your accessories are just as, if not more, important than the actual suit you choose. Wear a brilliantly crisp white shirt with an attractive silk/satin tie. Give some thought to the colour of your suit, darker suits generally give an instant formal look.

Formal is the key word so make sure whatever you choose is classically smart but with your own twist.

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Semi- formal
Remember this is a wedding, semi formal does not mean casual – think of it more like a little dressed down. For instance, wear a crisply ironed shirt, a blazer, dress trousers and a tie. Alternatively a cotton, tweed or linen suit, according to season would be equally as suitable.

Semi formal is really a chance to show some flair with your style for the event. Accessorising can be a great way to stand out from the crowd.

For a church wedding it is traditional for the bridegroom to wear a Morning suit or lounge suit. The father of the groom, best man and ushers should then follow suit (excuse the pun) with matching colour schemes for accessories.

Wedding attire can vary widely depending on personal taste and opinion. Below are a couple of popular examples:

Morning suit
The morning suit is traditional British wedding dress and used for many formal occasions such as Ascot. Morning suits are used for day events only. A morning suit consists of a jacket with tails, and striped formal trousers. A dress shirt which can be coloured rather than white only, however for a traditional look the cuffs and collars should be white. A dove or beige vest should be worn for weddings.Tie choice is optional either being a regular tie or a cravat. View our range of morning suits here...

Black Tie
Black Tie refers to either a Dinner Jacket or the American term, Tuxedo. This look usually includes: A Jacket with satin lapels and matching dress trousers with satin side seam. A crisp white dress shirt, bow tie and cummerbund.

There is room for creativity here with a wide range of designs on the market today. Put your stamp on this look by injecting a little colour with a matching cummerbund and bow tie, or a pleated or ribbed dress shirt.

For more indepth information see Black Tie here...

Tying your own tie is just as important as making the right choice of colour and style. There are a large variety of looks to go for on the big day, for advice go to our how to guide. View our range of ties here...

Your belt should be slim and shiny. The colour depends on the shade of your suit, however black is usually a safe bet. For tuxedos belts are unnecessary, as a cummerbund or waistcoat and braces are the acceptable option.

Cufflinks give you the chance to bring a little personality to your look. Whether you prefer a little sparkle or classic onyx, MyTuxedo offers a wide range of affordable sets. If the wedding is a day time event silvers or pearls are a great choice. Alternatively if in the evening blacks or gold give any look a sophisticated edge. View our range of cufflinks here...

Don’t leave your shoes until the last minute, make sure they are shinny and polished to complete your look.
Take care over your style choice. Oxford shoes, brogues and slip ons are popular choices. View our range of shoes here...

A Handkerchief can transform a plain suit by instantly injecting a little colour into your look. If it’s your wedding, choosing a handkerchief that matches your cravat or tie can give a touch of added class. If you’re a guest on the other hand, jazz up your look with a range of fun patterns, polka dots & paisleys look great all year round. View our extensive handkerchief range here...