A pair of carefully chosen cufflinks can add instant class to your smartwear look. Use them to fasten the double cuffs of your dress shirt, or give them as a gift to a male friend or family member. Our collection of cufflinks includes demure styles ideal for black tie and other formal events, plus a fun novelty range which includes national flags, fun shapes and bright colours.

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  • Blue and Gold Striped Cufflinks by Dobell
  • Blue Crystal Cufflinks by Dobell
  • Cufflinks - Silver Coloured Rectangular Blocks
  • Multicoloured Striped Cufflinks by Dobell
  • Cufflinks - Large Silver Square with Pink Diamante
  • Cufflinks - Green Spirit Level
  • Cufflinks - Novelty Poker
  • Cufflinks - Union Jack
  • Silver Style Dice Cufflinks by Dobell
  • Cufflinks - Novelty Red and Yellow Card
  • Cufflinks - Novelty Football
  • Cufflinks - Purple Circle
  • Royal Crown Silver Style Cufflinks by Dobell
  • Cufflinks - St George
  • Cufflinks - Ivory Groom
  • Cufflinks - Black and White Groom
  • Cufflinks - Rhodium Plated Golf Ball & Tee
  • Cufflinks - Novelty Drinking Arm
  • Gold Style Hourglass Cufflinks by Dobell
  • Gunmetal Grey Skull Cufflinks by Dobell
  • Pink Crystal Square Cufflinks by Dobell
  • Cufflinks - Chrome Ball
  • Black Faux Leather Cord Cufflinks by Dobell
  • Jack Daniels Bottle Cufflinks by Dobell
  • Gunmetal Grey Clear Crystal Cufflinks by Dobell
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Cufflinks put the finishing touch on any dress shirt, and they give some room for your personality to shine. The ladies adorn themselves with jewellery to their hearts' content but there aren't as many ways for men to stand out from the crowd while formally dressed. Enter the cufflink – elegant and refined, quirky, or some may say over the top – it's an unobtrusive but fun accessory. The fact that you're wearing cufflinks at all marks you as a man who pays attention to detail, and your cufflink choice distinguishes you specifically. Mick Jagger has always been a great cufflink man!

Cufflinks first made their appearance in the 1600s but string or buttons used to do the job in most cases. They really came into their own in the Victorian era as shirts became increasingly starched and it became difficult to fasten buttons through the stiff fabric. They've been a fashion staple ever since, except for a brief period in the 1970s, the Woodstock generation's clothing just didn't lend itself to dress shirts.

Designers of these wearable art pieces face challenges in making sure the aesthetics are matched by functionality, as the halves must fit together perfectly across the sleeve. From the variety of materials and designs on offer, though, it seems that designers and jewellers love the challenge.

We offer dozens of stunning designs, all beautifully crafted, to suit every mood. Looking for a simple, understated, yet elegant look? Button up with a pair of our large chrome squares or round black ripples. Want to keep it simple but add some colour? Choose a multi square or a three tone in pink, red, purple or blue. Fancy a whirl? We have poker and dice cufflinks just for you. Feel the need to add some sparkle? Choose one of the clear or coloured crystal or diamante sets. Into sports, racing, music? Take a look through our range, we know you'll find something that catches your eye. We also stock flag cufflinks – show your proudly Australian colours or check out our range of other flag.

For that really extra special look, treat yourself to one of our stylish, elegant and distinguished cufflink and stud sets. Go on, you know you want to!