Wedding Cravats

Wedding Cravats

We stock two kinds of cravat: daywear cravats for smart-casual wear, and formal cravats for weddings and other formal occasions. Our formal cravats come pre-tied for convenience and look great with our selection of matching waistcoats and handkerchiefs. Choose your colour and fabric from the options below.

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  • Dobell Burgundy Dupion Cravat (Pre-Tied & Hand Tied)
  • Dobell Burgundy Paisley Cravat
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Cravats are highly fashionable – they've been trending in men's apparel for some time and are worn by many celebrities. There are plenty of occasions where it makes total sense to choose a cravat over a tie. The cravat, especially the daywear cravat, is more informal and sporty and much more comfortable than a tie, besides imparting flamboyance and colour you don't get from more traditional neckwear. They're also versatile – they look good with your formal dress shirts, but also under normal button-down shirts, sweaters, jackets, and even t-shirts.

The cravat predates modern neck and bow ties, in fact the word 'tie' is thought to originate from the tying of cravats. The first cravats we know of were worn by the Croatian military in the 1630s, and were much frillier affairs than the garments we know today. They were noticed by the fashion-conscious French ('Cravat' is French for 'Croat') who quickly adopted them in place of the starched linen ruffs of the time.

Formal cravats, to be worn, for instance, at a wedding or a glamorous day at the races are usually worn under a vest, and are often paired with a matching handkerchief. We stock a large range of these in both pre-tied and hand tied styles and in a fantastic selection of colours, patterns, and fabrics. Our cravats have been custom crafted to make sure it's perfectly matched with one of our vests. You'll find a really stylish matching handkerchief too.

In a less formal setting, day cravats give you a sophisticated look, and are luxuriously soft to wear. Because the cravat is more subtle than a tie, you can really go wild with colour and pattern while still looking refined and stylish. Have a look at our stunning 100% pure silk daywear cravat in red with a blue paisley pattern, the bronze with stripes and leaves, or the pink with polka dots, to give you some ideas.

Choosing to wear a cravat is an easy and effective way of livening up your outfit, standing out from the crowd, and looking and feeling great.