A stylish alternative to the modern-day belt, braces promise to give your smart outfit an instantly dapper look. Choose from classic width or contemporary skinny, and browse our huge range of colours and funky patterns. Whether you're preparing for a black tie event, a wedding, or simply a sharp new look, you'll find the perfect pair of braces here.

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  • Dobell Luxury Slim 2-in-1 Black Braces - 25mm
  • Dobell Luxury 2-in-1 White Braces - 35mm
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  • Dobell Luxury Slim 2-in-1 White Braces - 25mm
  • Dobell Luxury Slim 2-in-1 Racing Green Braces - 25mm
  • Dobell Luxury 2-in-1 Silver Braces - 35mm
  • Dobell Luxury 2-in-1 Navy Blue Braces - 35mm
  • Dobell Luxury 2-in-1 Burgundy Braces - 35mm
  • Dobell Luxury Slim 2-in-1 Red Braces - 25mm
  • Gold Braces
  • Dobell Luxury Slim 2-in-1 Navy Blue Braces - 25mm
  • Dobell Luxury Slim 2-in-1 Silver Braces - 25mm
  • Lindenmann Black with Silver Blue Stripe Slim Braces - 25mm
  • Lindenmann Blue Stripe Slim Braces - 25mm
  • Union Jack Braces
  • Black & White Chequered Braces
  • Burgundy Aston Martin Print Braces
  • Rainbow Braces
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  • Lindenmann Green Hexagon Print Braces
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  • Lindenmann Black Stripe Patterned Braces
  • Black with White Dots Braces
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Men’s braces add a touch of class to your look to really make you stand out from the crowd. Our braces come in a range of different colours, you can pick a colour and style that matches your suit or pick a bright and bold colour and pair it with a tie or bow tie to create a look that will really get you noticed for your unique sense of style. We offer a large selection of high quality braces created in both bold colours and prints and more subtle styles that are sure to suit your every need.

Men’s braces, also known as suspenders, are special straps made from either fabric or leather that are worn over the shoulders to hold up trousers. These straps are usually either partly or entirely elasticated so that they can stretch as needed to provide a comfortable and secure fit. The braces attach to the trousers with leather tabs, buttons or clips and can be easily changed when needed.

The modern type of braces was invented by Albert Thurston in 1820 and was extremely popular around the world up until the middle of the 19th century. These braces were the perfect companion to the high cut trousers that were in fashion at the time. Braces were originally considered to be upper class and were reserved for formal wear and members of the gentry. However, braces became popular with the punk and ska movement in the United Kingdom in the 1960s and 1970s and braces allowed the wearer to jump up and down and perform other types of energetic dance moves.

Although these days braces have largely been replaced by belts, they are still popular among fashionable men who like to make a statement. Braces are still the garment of choice to wear with dress trousers in the United Kingdom for formal occasions as braces are seen as being more sophisticated that the common belt.

In addition to adding a splash of colour, braces can be hidden beneath the clothing more easily than a belt as they are not as bulky. Braces have been making a comeback in recent years and they are famously worn by a number of celebrities who are known for their sense of style including actor Martin Shaw, newscaster Larry King, Louis Tomlinson who is part of the pop band One Direction and British actor Daniel Craig.